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Eloquence Studio offers fundamental training  in voice, speech, body language, content treatment and listening skills. We specialize in interpersonal training such as diplomacy, leadership, negotiation, mediation and facilitation training. Our training enhances the people skills for every day interaction as well as ‘high stakes’ situations such as public speaking, presentation, interviewing and media. For non-native speakers we offer speech clarity enhancement and accent reduction training.

We offer:

leadership training

Our Leadership Training is the highest level of personalized service
and is designed to work with people who are already in leadership positions and are interested in elevating their ability for better results. The leadership courses address complexities such as diplomacy and negotiation skills, listening skills, incentivization skills, public speaking and media training skills as well as practical skills for “growing” individuals & teams. These courses helps leaders define, cultivate and embodying positive leadership.

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interpersonal training

Interpersonal Training is open to anyone and everyone – even
leaders! They are shorter courses of study, which are often subject specific and are built on best practices from Fonta’s 15 years of teaching and research. These courses are built to help people skill up quickly and create noticeable change in a short period of time. They will increase your EQ (emotional intelligence), your “people” skills, your self-awareness skills (what you are doing), your speaking and your listening skills.

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bi-lingual (esl) training

Bi-Lingual Training Courses (ESL) are designed to meet the specific needs of people navigating multiple languages in their communication. We offer a very sophisticated, nuanced leadership course for bi-lingual leaders who have full fluency but still navigate the challenges of multi language thinking/processing or responding delays. We also offer our interpersonal communication for ESL, which addresses all of the interpersonal training but additional includes accent modification and grammar as needed.

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group workshops

Our group workshops focus on professional development. They train attendees to increase polish and professionalism, show urgency without being stressed, diplomatically deliver difficult information, manage group dynamics and run a productive and successful meeting. They frequently include communication tools that resolve points of difference, help to reaching an understanding and gaining agreement on a course of action.

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about eloquence

Eloquence opened its doors in 2006 offering spoken voice and speech training to anyone who wanted to learn. Since we weren’t targeting a specific profession, ethnicity or gender our work rapidly began to expand by demand into a broader spectrum practice. By 2008 we were offering both verbal and nonverbal communication and were still challenging ourselves to make the work accessible to anyone who walked in the door. This holds true today and is fundamental in making our work unique. In 2013 Eloquence formally expanded into a communication training school and brought on new teachers to meet the growing demand for training of this kind.

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