our courses

We specialize in one-on-one, customized Personal Training, as well as standardized solo or group courses called Classics. Additionally we offer a selection of on-location workshops, which can be customized to the needs and wants of your group.

personal training

Personal Training is completely customized to meet the individual.  It begins with an evaluation then, a program of study is built from the results of the evaluation and sessions are conducted one-on-one directly with a trainer.  Personal training is offered at a beginner, intermediate and advanced level.

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accent modification

We work with all accents and all speech structures (individual speaking patterns) from any country. The primary objective of our accent modification training is to enhance speech clarity, not to eliminate the accent. We believe that learning to speak in the same accent as the listener is unnecessary and doesn’t automatically facilitate clear communication. So we do not offer accent elimination training. We promote speech clarity as the key factor for being heard and understood and our training will identify the exact areas of speech that need to be changed or modified in order to promote the clearest possible communication.

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classic courses

Our Classic Course series is designed as an introduction to everyday communication concepts and offers skill enhancement, applicable to everyone. Course training is offered in two formats: The first option is in a small group classes which meet in the evenings or weekends and the second option is to work individually, one-on-one with a trainer. Classic courses must be taken sequentially (intro first and then moving on to intermediate) and are offered at an introductory and intermediate level only.

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group workshops

Our workshops specialize in executive and leadership training. We focus on developing a style of communication that is easy to listen to and compelling to follow. Our foundational concepts are built around: concise messaging, compelling delivery, active listening and developing the ability to maintain focus under pressure. Our workshops have a strong emphasis on diplomacy, negotiation and facilitation but also include practicalities such as presentation training, managing stress responses and nervous symptoms, influencing first impressions and a variety of authoritative delivery practices.

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about eloquence communication studio

Eloquence opened its doors in 2006 offering spoken voice and speech training to anyone who wanted to learn. Since we weren’t targeting a specific profession, ethnicity or gender our work rapidly began to expand by demand into a broader spectrum practice. By 2008 we were offering both verbal and nonverbal communication and were still challenging ourselves to make the work accessible to anyone who walked in the door. This holds true today and is fundamental in making our work unique. In 2013 Eloquence formally expanded into a communication training school and brought on two new teachers, Alicia and Amy to meet the growing demand for training of this kind. Their individual depth of knowledge , we believe that different teachers bring individual approaches and balance to a large and complicated training process.

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