group workshops

We offer on-site custom workshops which are built for your team’s specific needs. If you are interested in organizing a team training to be conducted at your company please inquire below.

Our group workshops focus on professional development. They train attendees to increase polish and professionalism, show urgency without being stressed, diplomatically deliver difficult information, manage group dynamics and run a productive and successful meeting. They frequently include communication tools that resolve points of difference, help to reaching an understanding and gaining agreement on a course of action.

Sample Workshops:

lead the communication

This workshops focuses on the verbal and nonverbal elements which embody and convey credible leadership. It will specifically focus on high stakes communication and best practices for increasing focus and clarity under pressure. The workshop will include an introduction to delivering difficult information, communicating urgency with diplomacy and negotiating the desired outcome under pressure. The primary objective of the workshops will be to help participants use their communication to enhance their leadership potential and excel in the workforce.

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the art of persuasion

This rhetoric training workshop teaches participants persuasion techniques to expand their influence. Using voice and body language students will learn how to use emotional communication to achieve desired results. A participation workshop where attendees:

  • Employ vocal modulation such as building to a skillful crescendo or increasing warm tones to entice the listener and sway opinions.
  • Learn to leverage silence and modify pace to court interest and encourage agreement.
  • Hone emphasis tools such as gesture or word stress to amplify intensity and drive points home.

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create a strong impression

This workshop helps individuals use body language and voice to create a strong first impression and maintain a noteworthy second impression. It will break down and capitalize on the defining moment of introduction and practice the key elements of a strong start. A participation workshop where attendees:

  • Influence initial impressions with an easeful delivery and a confident, receptive physicality.
  • Invoke trust through the use of emotional communicators such as calm breath, assessable pace and gestures which denote sincerity.
  • Integrate the non-verbal elements of status to establish a foundation for commanding authority and wielding leadership.

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deliver under pressure

This workshop helps individuals use nervous energy to their advantage when speaking in front of others and will enhance each participant’s ability to speak confidently in public. A participation workshop where attendees:

  • Learn to channel public speaking stress reactions such as shortness of breath or quivering voices into dynamic and energized delivery.
  • Direct nervous physical reactions such as shaking hands or knees into passionate and commanding speech.
  • Hone efficacy by focusing distracting mannerisms such as nervous ticks or repetitive gestures.
  • Address the "ah" and "um" phenomenon.

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vocal authority

This workshop helps individuals use body language and voice to create a compelling presence and an authoritative voice. This workshop will enhance the participant's ability to articulate feeling, communicate intention and promote clear and powerful expression. A participation workshop where attendees:

  • Learn authoritative non-verbal communication including physical presence and command
  • Ensure compelling and convincing verbal techniques through the use of vocal modulation
  • Practice communicative elements that project confidence
  • Learn to use delivery techniques such as pace and pause to their advantage

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