personal training

Personal training begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your verbal and non-verbal communication ability. It looks at your skill level, as well as your personal style of implementation. The evaluation identifies your strong skills, which we build upon and teach you to use advantageously and it also identifies areas for improvement. A program of study is custom made from the results of the evaluation and three primary goals are established. The program outlines, session by session how we intend to meet these goals at both an introductory and intermediate level of study. Check points are built in through out the process to gauge progress and program adjustments are made as necessary.

Introductory programs are 16-session in length, are one-on-one with a trainer and meet once a week for 55 minutes. Homework is assigned after each session, which might include daily exercises to listen to and practice with or specific situational tool implementation in your daily communication. As part of our personalized service, trainers additionally offer mid week reminders and follow up, to help you integrate the training into your daily communication.

Evaluations are conducted by Fonta and courses are taught by one teacher or a combination of several teachers, depending on client interest, skill level and preference. Please contact us for additional course details and fees.