interpersonal training

Interpersonal Training is open to anyone and everyone – even leaders! They are shorter courses of study, which are often subject specific and are built on best practices from Fonta Hadley’s 15 years of teaching and research. These courses are built to help people skill up quickly and create noticeable change in a short period of time. They will increase your EQ (emotional intelligence), your “people” skills, your self-awareness skills (what you are doing), your speaking and your listening skills.

interpersonal communication training

This is a “skill up” course, designed to increase your overall level of polish at work.  It enhances your interpersonal ability (ability with people) as well as your intra personal (ability to know what you are doing/communicating real time).  It is designed to increase your credibility, your ability to deliver under pressure and enhance your EQ.  This course covers a wide breadth of communication skills including tools to help you speak up more often, express your ideas clearly and succinctly, speaking in a way that is consistently audible & intelligible as well as tools to help you present your ideas in an engaging and persuasive way. It covers all the communication fundamentals such as body language, vocal modulation, speech/pace/pause, content treatment, listening & responding and nervousness.

Duration: 8 private sessions; 50 minutes each, conducted weekly.
Faculty: Donnie Hill


vocal authority

This is a subject specific course focused on declarative speaking. It reduces traits commonly associated with “California English” such as reducing the use of upspeak (questioning tone), vocal fry (rough or inaudible vocal quality) and eliminating junk speech and verbal clutter (“like”, “you know”, “kinda” etc.).  This course will increase your ability to speak declaratively in a succinct and crisp manor.  It is not a gender specific course and is designed for both men and women.

Duration: 6 private sessions; 50 minutes each, conducted weekly.
Faculty: Bianca Havel