interpersonal training

Interpersonal training is the most comprehensive course in our service offering. It addresses every aspect of your interpersonal ability and is completely customized to you. It includes communication fundamentals such as body language, voice, speech, content treatment, listening skills and nervousness. It increases both your IQ (logical communication) and your EQ so that you can be flexible and responsive situationally in both, formal or informal environments. It is a comprehensive behavioral analysis and training program.

This course is taught by Fonta and begins with an evaluation. The evaluation is a detailed analysis of your communication ability. It identifies what you are good at and how to leverage those skills advantageously in communication, as well as identifying areas that you are not good at and how to “skill up” on those. The evaluation identifies three primary training goals as well as a customized training program, which lists out session-by-session how we propose to meet those goals. Feel free to contact us for more details.