bi-lingual (esl) training

Bi-Lingual Training Courses (ESL) are designed to meet the specific needs of people navigating multiple languages in their communication. We offer a very sophisticated, nuanced leadership course for bi-lingual leaders who have full fluency but still navigate the challenges of multi language thinking/processing or responding delays. We also offer our interpersonal communication for ESL, which addresses all of the interpersonal training but additional includes accent modification and grammar as needed.

bi-lingual (esl) leadership training

This course is designed to address the specific needs of leaders who are bi-lingual.  It includes accent reduction as needed, increased speech clarity, fluency (any challenges in the process of thought to expression of thought) and fluidity (the choice of words, the flow of words, pacing, pause etc). It additionally includes body language training, voice training (vocal modulation, monotone reduction etc.) and messaging skills (storytelling, incentivizing phraseology etc.). This is a personal training course so it will meet you where you are and has the flexibility to include what ever communication skills are most relevant for you: social, work communication, formal communication such as presentation skills,
interviewing or public speaking skills.

Duration: 12 private sessions; 50 minutes each, conducted weekly.
Faculty: Amy Johnson


interpersonal communication training for esl

This soft skill-training program covers a broad range of communication skills but is tailored to meet the specific needs of bi-lingual speakers. The course offers accent reduction and increases speech clarity as well as addressing the nuance and cadence of speech.  It also addresses pacing and pause and offers strategies to help “find the right word” or help word flow.  It covers body language fundamentals such as open & closed body postures, stance and gestures for presentations or sharing your thoughts and ideas in a group.  It teaches interjection skills and addresses how to voice your point of view and strategies for speaking up in groups.  It offers pitch modulation and intonation, audibility and an introduction to listening training. It is a comprehensive introduction to best practices for people communicating with an accent.

Duration: 10 private sessions; 50 minutes each, conducted weekly.
Faculty: Bianca Havel