donnie hill : influence & presentation skills

Area of Specialism: Coaching, Presentation Skills, Workshop Facilitation, Presence, Influence, Sales, and Marketing.

Donnie is a presentation skills coach and sales trainer. He has built his training and development career across industries including the arts, healthcare, computer networking, and corporate education.

Donnie works with what he calls the “Gentle Giants” – business and healthcare leaders who know their work will dramatically change their industry and/or the community they serve, but shy away from the attention and notoriety that comes with being in the spotlight. For these thought leaders, it is critical that they be able to pitch and communicate their message and their vision clearly, concisely, and comfortably in front of any audience.

Because of his work as a professional stage actor, executive coach, and corporate sales trainer, Donnie provides business and healthcare leaders he works with with tools and techniques they need to accurately, authentically, and persuasively represent themselves and their work.

Donnie has helped design training for organizations such as Adobe, Oracle, Twitter, and Box. He has facilitated workshops for organizations such as EMD Soreno, Genentech, the International Center for Integrative Medicine, the East Bay Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, and UCSF’s Prostate Health Support Group for African American Men.

Donnie received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama from Stanford University.