Clinton Alexander, Investment Manager

I came to the studio with one basic request: I wanted to be heard. I wanted people to listen and respond when I spoke. Fonta told me that in order to be heard, I had to speak in a way that would encourage others to listen and respond. The first session was to get a baseline, then she analyzed my voice. I had no idea there was a concrete methodology to the madness, but during the second and subsequent sessions, I was enlightened to the great world of voice. I learned (and practiced) pitch, pace, pronunciation and many other concepts that helped me find a truer voice for myself. Fonta is formally trained in teaching voice, which puts her light years ahead of most other studios in the Bay Area. Her mastery over this discipline is evident through her highly organized curriculum, vast reservoir of experience, and practical hands-on approach. The result of my sessions has been greatly increased confidence in speaking one on one, in small groups, and in front of larger groups. This, in turn, has led to the establishment and enrichment of several key relationships in my business as an investment manager, which directly equates to more assets under management. A bonus of the practice is also greater ease in social situations. Working with Fonta has been one of the most productive disciplines I have practiced because of the fundamental nature of voice in communication. There are not many skills more important or more critical to making our way through the world and Fonta’s guidance has and continues to improve my ability to express and be heard.