amy johnson : interpersonal communication

Area of Specialism: Verbal and nonverbal communication, nervousness & speaking or social anxiety, increasing professional polish and confidence.

Amy is an interpersonal communication teacher with a specialism in speech. Her work covers all aspects of interpersonal ability – body language, voice, speech, content treatment, listening skills and reducing nervousness. Amy’s background in speech therapy promotes an approach that emphasizes clarity in every situation. Whether this is helping people to think more clearly under pressure, create more succinct and straightforward messaging, consistently intelligible speech, intentional and connected inflection or understandable and useful body language, clarity plays a prominent role. She specializes in reducing nervousness and increasing confidence and her work promotes self-representation that holds up under pressure.

Amy has worked with industry leaders such as Apple, Google, EBay, Amazon, Oracle, Facebook, and Sony. Amy is a certified Accent Modification Trainer with a Compton P-ESL (Pronouncing English as a Second Language) program. Amy received her B.S in Speech, Language and Hearing sciences form the University of Colorado at Boulder.