accent modification

We work with all accents and all speech structures (individual speaking patterns) from any country. The primary objective of our accent modification training is to enhance speech clarity, not to eliminate the accent. We believe that learning to speak in the same accent as the listener is unnecessary and doesn’t automatically facilitate clear communication. So we do not offer accent elimination training. We promote speech clarity as the key factor for being heard and understood and our training will identify the exact areas of speech that need to be changed or modified in order to promote the clearest possible communication.

As with all of our programs, we teach a very holistic approach to communication, which holds the entire voice and speech system accountable. So for example, in addition to articulation (vowel and consonant precision) our training includes pace, pause and vocal modulation as well as addressing audibility and speech fluidity.

Our Accent Modification Programs are completely customized to meet the needs of the individual. It begins with an evaluation – which is a detailed analysis of your individual speech and speaking patterns – a program of study is built from the results of the evaluation and sessions are conducted one-on-one directly with a trainer. Accent modification/reduction is offered at a beginner, intermediate and advanced level. Evaluations are conducted by Fonta and Amy, depending on availability and preference, and courses are taught by Amy.