about eloquence studio

We pride ourselves in helping clients accurately self represent at an intro level of study, develop their interpersonal ability at an intermediate level of study and enhance leadership potential at an advanced level of study.

Training is the process of updating and modifying behavior. We teach both verbal and nonverbal communication and our training process will develop both your listening and speaking skills. Training will make you a better listener so you miss fewer cues. It will teach you to communicate with nuance and enhance your expressivity. It will help you speak clearly and on point so both the merit of the message and the intentionality are clear. Training increases confidence and helps develop authority, presence and command. It helps you deliver under pressure and manage stress symptoms (nerves and stage fright) so that you can maintain focus and clarity in acute situations. It develops your ability so that you are as effective in one-on-one communication as you are in more formal situations such as interviewing or leading a group.


Communication is such a broad and complicated subject that it is often taught in pieces, such as speech training, voice training or body language. At Eloquence we approach communication as a comprehensive whole and teach all of the elements in relation to one another. For example, we believe that listening skills are equally important as speaking skills, so we teach them together and in relation to one another. The comprehensiveness of our approach is what makes us singular.

We believe that the act of communicating is not just the derivative of a brain process but a full body practice, which is live, responsive and interactive. So our philosophy and the fundamentals upon which we build our methodology primarily focus on increasing flexibility and enhancing responsiveness, such as missing fewer cues when listening and increasing nuance.

Communication is often thought of as a personality trait, but it is a skill. We often don’t have the answer as to why the behavior exists, but we have a comprehensive set of skills to change, modify or augment the behaviors that are in practice. This approach holds us accountable for a high standard of hard skills development and we pride ourselves in our ability to offer it.


Eloquence opened its doors in 2006 offering spoken voice and speech training to anyone who wanted to learn. Since we weren’t targeting a specific profession, ethnicity or gender our work rapidly began to expand by demand into a broader spectrum practice. By 2008 we were offering both verbal and nonverbal communication and were still challenging ourselves to make the work accessible to anyone who walked in the door. This holds true today and is fundamental in making our work unique. In 2013 Eloquence formally expanded into a communication training school and brought on new teachers to meet the growing demand for training of this kind. Their individual depth of knowledge has expanded our individual approach and balance to a large and complicated training process.